“UDAAN Festival”

IQAC and DLLE Unit celebrated ‘Inter-college Competition’ at the UDAAN Festival ’ on Wednesday, 30th January 2019 at 11.00 am to 2.00 pm in the Intercollegiate Competition. DLLE Convener Asst Prof. Ankita S. Gawade and Asst.Prof Monali Patankar informed students about the UDAAN Festival .

Udaan Festival might be a cultural event celebrating the diversity and richness of a particular region or community. This could include street play,music, dance, food.Udaan Festival might also be a literary event, focusing on literature, poetry, and discussions on various literary topics. It could feature renowned authors, poets, and intellectuals.

“Udaan” signifies a sense of youthfulness and energy. The festival could be organized to showcase the talents and creativity of young people, including music performances, art displays, and interactive sessions.Udaan Festival might be associated with an educational institution, serving as a platform to promote learning, innovation, and academic achievements.Udaan could be a festival organized to promote community development initiatives, focusing on issues such as education, health, and social welfare.

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