Bachelor of Computer Science


The rise of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has profoundly affected modern society. Increasing applications of computers in almost all areas of human endeavor has led to vibrant industries with concurrent rapid change in technology.

As the computing field advances at a rapid pace, the students must possess a solid foundation that allows and encourages them to maintain relevant skills as the field evolves. Specific languages and technology platforms change over time. Thus students must continue to learn and adapt their skills throughout their careers. To develop this ability, students will be exposed to multiple programming languages, tools, paradigms and technologies as well as the fundamental underlying principles throughout this programme.

The programme offers required courses such as programming languages, data structures, computer architecture and organization, algorithms, database systems, operating systems, and software engineering; as well as specialized courses in artificial intelligence, computer-based communication networks, distributed computing, information security, graphics, human-computer interaction, multimedia, scientific computing, web technology, and other current topics in computer science.

The core philosophy of this programme is to –

  • Form strong foundations of Computer Science.
  • Nurture programming, analytical & design skills for the real world problems.
  • Introduce emerging trends to the students in gradual way.
  • Groom the students for the challenges of ICT industry.

The students these days not only aspire for a career in the industry but also look for research opportunities. The main aim of this programme is to deliver a modern curriculum that will equip graduates with strong theoretical and practical backgrounds to enable them to excel in the workplace and to be lifelong learners. Not only does it prepares the students for a career in Software industry, it also motivates them towards further studies and research opportunities. Graduating students, can thus take up postgraduate programmes in CS leading to research as well as R&D, can be employable at IT industries, or can adopt a business management career.

In the first year i.e. for semester I & II, basic foundation of important skills required for software development is laid. The syllabus proposes to have four core subjects of Computer Science and two core courses of Mathematics-Statistics. All core subjects are proposed to have theory as well as practical tracks. While the Computer Science courses will form fundamental skills for solving computational problems, the Mathematics & Statistics course will inculcate research-oriented acumen. Ability Enhancement Courses on Soft Skill Development will ensure an overall and holistic development of the students. The syllabus design for further semesters encompasses more advanced and specialized courses of Computer Science.

We sincerely believe that any student taking this programme will get very strong foundation and exposure to basics, advanced and emerging trends of the subject. We hope that the students’ community and teachers’ fraternity will appreciate the treatment given to the courses in the syllabus.

Progamme Objectives

The objectives of the 3 year B.Sc. Computer Science programme are as follows:
  • To develop an understanding and knowledge of the basic theory of Computer Science with good foundation on theory, systems and applications.
  • To foster necessary skills and analytical abilities for developing computer based solutions of real-life problems.
  • To provide training in emergent computing technologies which lead to innovative solutions for industry and academia.
  • To develop the necessary study skills and knowledge to pursue further post-graduate study in computer science or other related fields.
  • To develop the professional skillset required for a career in an information technology oriented business or industry.
  • To enable students to work independently and collaboratively, communicate effectively, and become responsible, competent, confident, insightful, and creative users of computing technology.

Progamme Learning Outcomes

At the end of three year Bachelor of Computer Science the students will be able:

  • To formulate, to model, to design solutions, procedure and to use software tools to solve real world problems.
  • To design and develop computer programs/computer -based systems in the areas such as networking, web design, security, cloud computing, IoT, data science and other emerging technologies.
  • To familiarize with the modern-day trends in industry and research based settings and thereby innovate novel solutions to existing problems.
  • To apply concepts, principles, and theories relating to computer science to new situations.
  • To use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practice.
  • To apply standard Software Engineering practices and strategies in real-time software project development.
  • To pursue higher studies of specialization and to take up technical employment.
  • To work independently or collaboratively as an effective tame member on a substantial software project.
  • To communicate and present their work effectively and coherently.
  • To display ethical code of conduct in usage of Internet and Cyber systems.
  • To engage in independent and life-long learning in the background of rapid changing IT industry.


A candidate eligible for admission in B.Sc. ( Computer Science ) must pass H.S.C. Exam of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, or its equivalent for the General Category at first attempt and pass for reserved category from the Science stream with Maths.
Students with post HSC- Diploma in Computer Engineering / Computer Science Computer Technology will be eligible for admission to the Second Year of B.Sc.(CS). However, the Diploma should be recognized by the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education or any other recognized Government Body.


(B.Sc – CS / Co-Ordinator)

M.C.A, M.Sc(Mathematics).
(IQAC Co-Ordinator)

M.C.A, B.E(in Electronics and Communication)..
( B.Sc-IT/Co-Ordinator)

Ph.D, M. P.Ed. (Sports Director)

MCA  (Assistant Professor)

M.C.A,    MSC(Mathematics) (Assistant Professor)

 MSC(Mathematics),  B.Ed (Assistant Professor)

Important Notices

Dept. In Charge

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