Innovative Teaching and Learning

Fish Bowl

  1. Students will be given a topic to study and research. 
  2. The discussion will then begin among a small number of students, with the rest of the class sitting around taking notes but not participating.
  3. Others are bowls, while the pupils in the middle are fish.
  4. Fish Bowl Method is applied for the subjects like Python, Object Oriented Programming etc.

Video Lecture

A contemporary teaching strategy known as the video lecture has many advantages of its own. This approach is student-centered, convenient for teachers, and maintains their interest throughout the entire process. One option for students to enhance their classroom learning is through the use of video lectures. Students can learn from their PCs, tablets, or smartphones anywhere using video lectures. All students can learn at their own pace with the use of video lectures, maximizing the benefits of e-Learning.

Power Point Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation can enhance the intellect of students. At the same time, it helps the teachers in their teaching methods. Different fonts, visual effects, and highlighting can help students learn new information quicker. It leads them to write better answers in their exams.

Flipped Classroom

A Flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom. For subjects such as C programming,computer networks and network security, our students are encouraged to learn by them from online and they would discuss with their peer and then check the content with their findings

Group Conversation

Students have the chance to speak in front of others and receive criticism during group discussions. It encourages everyone to participate actively and gives them a forum to share their thoughts. Our students are encouraged to participate in technical and non-technical events, technical and non-technical debates, and so on in order to express their opinions.

Peer to Peer Learning

It is considered as ‘student-to-student’ support system. In this system, the students will be formed as a group and each one of the group will assist others to learn. There will be a leader for each group who is taking care of the discussion named as Peer Assisted Leader (PAL). For the problematic subjects such as Theory of Computation, Design and analysis of algorithms and mathematics subjects our students are using this method for better understanding.

Faculty Exchange Program

The faculty exchange programme is a collaborative activity of two educational institutions, united under a Memorandum of Understanding, exchanging the services of their selected faculties for a short period.

Real Time Based Method

It is Real Time Based Method for teaching, in this Method Students came to know about real Balancesheet and Income statement of the Companies through newspaper.

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