Day One :24/01/2023
Reached the campsite at 1.00 pm. After having lunch and settling down ,the students cleaned the boys dormitories and girls dormitories. They also formed groups for the next seven days duty allocation. The students also cleaned the toilets and washrooms. The students visited the Rajeev-Rajan Old age home in the evening.Shri. Rodpalkar Sir from Ashramshala in his guidance lecture about NSS, explained the students about the rules and regulations to be followed on the camp site. The programme officer explained the volunteers about the seven days schedule to be followed in the camp. The students usually had to wake up at 6.00 am and sleep at 10.00 pm. 09 GIRLS AND 14 BOYS participated in the camp. Prof.Shailesh Arondekar, Prof.Anubha Maheshwari ,Prof.Rupali Sinkar and shri .Gautam (Peon) were present on this day.
Day Two : 25/01/2023
In the morning Yoga and meditation Session was conducted by Prof.Rupali Sinkar with important
yogasans and Surya namaskar exercised. The volunteers constructed Soak Pits (shosh Khaddas) for depositing the dry and wet wastes generated in the camp. The session on ideal life style was conducted by Dr.Madhavi Joshi . The volunteers also visited in the evening Village Nerepada for awareness on the occasion of Maghi Ganeshotsav. The PR students performed Street play for the villagers near Vitthal Temple. The programme officer and volunteers were felicitated on this occasion. Prof.Shailesh Arondekar, Prof.Anubha Maheshwari ,Prof.Rupali Sinkar ,Prof.Madhuri and
shri.Gautam (Peon) were present on this day.
Day Three : 26/01/2023
The students performed yogasans and exercises. The volunteers celebrated the Republic day Flag hoisting in the presence of the Chairman Adv. Pramod Thakur, trustee members Shri. Bhanthiya, CA. Thakar, Secretary Shri. Shinde and other office bearers. The students interacted with the trustees about the social activites of the trust for last 25 years.
The volunteers conducted Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav rally at Ashramshala on this occasion.
There was an informative session by Ex. NSS leaders Sanket jadhav and Bhagyshree Mokal where in
they explained the important activities of NSS and the role and responsibilities of volunteers. This
interactive session helped the volunteers to clear the doubts about NSS and future opportunities. Our Managing Trustee Shree. Premji Nissar also visited the campsite inspite of his busy schedule and guided and motivated the students. The volunteers shared their experience in the camp with themanaging trustee. Prof.Shailesh Arondekar, Prof.Anubha Maheshwari ,Prof.KajalShirke ,Prof.Madhuri and shri.Gautam (Peon) were present on this day.
Day Four : 27/01/2023
The students performed daily yogasans and exercise sessions. The volunteers conducted a cleanliness drive at Nerepada Public Health Centre (PHC)and approach roads.
Also visited gram panchayat for visiting the gram sevaks The volunteers conducted a Swchchata Abhiyan rally in the village. The volunteers also conducted cleanliness drive at Nerepada Secondary High School in the presence of Sarpanch Shri. Prakash Ghadge. The volunteers cleaned the corridors, premises, approach roads. The vounteers also collected two drums of plastic waste from the ground and campus and handed over to Gramsevaks for further disposal. On the occasion of Parikshapecharcha programme in the school, the volunteers also conducted a street
play for the students on acid attack,betibachav, domestic violence, women empowerment. The
volunteers were appreciated on this occasion. Our Principal Dr.Arun Singham visited the camp along with office superintendant Shri. Nilesh Surve and Accounts officer Shri. Aditya. Madam delivered an inspiring speech for motivating the students. A session on “Naturopathy and importance of proper diet” was conducted by the Dean Dr.Katara wherein the students cleared lot of doubts about the health issues of their parents and various remedies
available in Naturopathy. Prof.Shailesh Arondekar, Prof.Kajal Shirke ,Prof.Shradha Vhaval and shri.Prakash (Peon) were present on this day.
Day Five : 28/01/2023
Students attended a session on Aerobics and Zumba by Prof.Parameshwar Navle.
Swachhabharat rally was conducted in Adivasipada. The students conducted various competitions for the school children of ZillhaParishad School near Hanuman Mandir .
The students interacted with the School Teachers and distributed sweets, prizes and certificates to the school children. The volunteers cleaned the entire road to smashanbhoomi at adivasipada.
An informative session of Snakes Bachav was conducted by Rajiv Mumbaikar associates of Care of
Nature and Animals NGO of Uran. The students were explained about the various types of poisonous and non poisonous snakes found in Maharashtra and many doubts and misunderstandings about the snakes were cleared in this session. Prof.Shailesh Arondekar ,Prof.ShradhaVhavaland shri.Prakash (Peon) were present on this day.
Day Six : 29/01/2023
The students had team building session of Prof.ParmeshwarNavale and various interesting games
were played on the occasion.There was a session on Nirbhaya Police Helpline by Police lady staff Neha Madam where in she shared her experiences of colleges victims and also explained the various facilities and assistance provided by the police departments for protection of girls students.
The students also learned and practised the adivasi dance of tarpa . There was a tree plantation drive in the vicinity where in the students planted 32 saplings containing lemon grass plants, mango trees, guava trees, coconut trees, various flower trees under the guidance of gardner Shri. Kokre.The students also gathered trees and grass for campfire for preparing the camp fire.
There were various talents competitions and cultural programme for the students on the occasion of camp fire. Prof.Shailesh Arondekar ,Prof.Shradha Vhavaland shri.Prakash (Peon) were present on this day.
Day Seven: 30/01/2023
Today being the last day, students visited shantivan after brief exercise session. Students also visited riverside bandhara repairs for and construction and repairing the approach road
to bandhara under the guidance of Dr.Katara.The students Cleaned both boys and girls dormitories along with the toilets and washrooms for boys and girls. The cotton bags were distributed to the villagers on this occasion as a part of plastic bandhi initiative. A valedictory and thanking session was conducted for thanking all the resource persons and supporters of the NSS camp. The students left at 5.00 pm after packing and winding up of the camp site. Prof.Shailesh Arondekar ,Prof.Shradha Vhaval ,shri.Prakash (Peon) Office Staff Shri. SandipGaikawad, Ex. GS Shravanan were present on this day.Kumari. Revati and Kum. Bhavna also visited us for helping the students in the travelling back.

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