IQAC and Health Care and Counselling Department arranged a Lecture on ‘Health  &   Hygiene’ on Thursday, 13th April 2023 in the seminar hall at 11.00 am. Health Care and Counselling Convener Asst.Prof. Ankita A. Loke and speaker Asst. Teacher Sunita Sharma informed students about the Health & Hygiene. Health is well in terms of physical, social as well as mental aspects of a person. Having good health helps us to function better. Being healthy helps us to fight against diseases
and make our bodies healthier. Hygiene refers to everyday practices to keep ourselves
healthy. These practices protect us from illnesses. We must consume a healthy diet, balanced with different foods. Fruits and vegetables have vital minerals and vitamins which we need. Drinking fluids helps to remove all the toxins in our body. Pure drinking water helps to keep us hydrated. We must cut down on junk food and eat protein-rich meals. Milk makes our bones strong. Washing fruits and cook vegetables before consuming them is vital. Cleanliness is also necessary. Taking a bath regularly and wearing clean clothes improves our Hygiene. Washing hands helps to keep germs away. We must cut our nails when they grow long and brush and floss our teeth every day. Exercising every day makes us healthy and fit. These practices help to build our immune system.

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