IQAC and Jain Mandal celebrated Paryushan Parv Monday, 08th September 2018 in the seminar hall at 10.30 am onwards. Jain Mandal Convener Asst. Prof.AnkitaS.Gawade and speaker Asst. Prof.Monali K. Patankar informed students about the about Paryushan Parv.
Paryushan Parv, a significant Jain festival, is a time of self-reflection, penance, and spiritual upliftment. Observed with great devotion, it holds profound importance for students, providing them with a unique opportunity to balance academic pursuits with inner growth.Students are encouraged to engage in acts of charity (Daan) during Paryushan Parv. This provides them with a sense of social responsibility and empathy. Acts of kindness and charity contribute to the holistic development of students, instilling values that go beyond individual success to encompass the well-being of the community.
To make Paryushan Parv more relevant to students, educational institutions often organize workshops and discussions on the Jain principles of non-violence, truth, and compassion. These sessions create a platform for students to understand and integrate these values into their academic and personal lives.

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