NAAC Guidance Lecture

Date:   13th July   2023
Time:   2:00 PM 
Venue:   Bhavna Trust Junior and Degree College of Commerce and Science 
Resource Person:   Principal Dr. Jitendra Aherkar,B.L.Amlani College Of Commerce & Economics


On 13th July   2023, Bhavna Trust Junior and Degree College of Commerce and Science organized a guidance lecture on NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) for the faculty members and administrative staff. The lecture aimed to enhance the understanding of NAAC’s evaluation process and criteria, as well as to emphasize the importance of accreditation for academic institutions.

  Event Highlights: 

  1. Speaker Introduction:  The resource person for the guidance lecture was Dr. Jitendra Aherkar, an academician and an expert in the field of higher education quality assurance. He holds vast experience in assessing colleges and universities for NAAC accreditation.

  2. Understanding NAAC:   Jitendra Aherkar began the lecture by providing an overview of NAAC’s role in evaluating higher education institutions in India. He explained the significance of NAAC accreditation in promoting quality and excellence in education and the benefits it offers to the institutions.

  3. NAAC Evaluation Process:  The resource person delved into the detailed process of NAAC evaluation, which includes various parameters such as Curricular Aspects, Teaching-Learning and Evaluation, Research, Innovations, and Extension, Infrastructure and Learning Resources, Student Support and Progression, Governance, Leadership, and Management, etc. He elaborated on each of these parameters and discussed the evaluation criteria used by NAAC.

  4. Preparing for NAAC Assessment:  Dr. Jitendra Aherkar shared valuable insights on how colleges can prepare for NAAC assessment. He stressed the importance of maintaining accurate and updated data, documentation, and evidence of various activities and achievements to showcase the institution’s strengths effectively during the evaluation process.

  5. Q&A Session:  Following the lecture, there was an interactive question and answer session. Faculty members and staff actively participated, seeking clarification on various aspects related to NAAC accreditation and quality assurance practices.


The NAAC guidance lecture organized by Bhavna Trust Junior and Degree College of Commerce and Science was a resounding success. Dr. Jitendra Aherkar’s expertise and engaging presentation style made the complex NAAC evaluation process understandable to all participants. The lecture provided valuable insights and guidance to the college staff, encouraging them to work towards continuous improvement and strive for NAAC accreditation in the future. This initiative will undoubtedly contribute to the overall growth and quality enhancement of the institution, fostering an environment of excellence in education.

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