IQAC and Cultural Committee celebrated the Diya Painting Competition on Thursday,1st November 2018 in the seminar hall at 11.00 am onwards. Under the Guidance of Cultural Committee Convener Asst Prof. Monali Patankar. The Diya Painting Competition aimed not only to showcase artistic talents but also to embrace the cultural significance of Diwali-the Festival of Lights. Participants, ranging from students to community members, gathered at seminar hall to transform plain clay diyas into vibrant works of art.This year’s competition embraced the theme “Colors of Diwali,” inviting participants to explore the diverand vivid hues associated with the festival. The theme added a layer of depth to the creations, prompting artists to draw inspiration from traditional motifs, festive symbols, and the joyous of Diwali.The judging criteria included creativity, adherence to the theme, use of color, craftsmanship, and overall visual impact. The competition showcased a remarkable array of interpretations, making the judging process both delightful and challenging.

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