Diwali Celebration 2022

Diwali is Victory of light over darkness, good over Evil and Knowledge over Ignorance.”

Diwali is a festival of light and one of the measure festivals celebrated by Hindus Our cultural committe and IQAC Department had organised culture festive. The festival usually lasts five days and celebrated between mid – October and mid –November. College has taken Diya Decorating and Lantern Making activity. Teachers wished the students according to their class. Teachers have given the speech on “Importance of Diwali”. The students understood importance of the festival and Hindus tradition.

Diya Decorating, Rangoli and Kandil Making activity

Diya and Lantern are the most important objects for Diwali celebration. School has taken the activity of Diya Decoration and Lantern making. The Main purpose of these activities is to explore the student’s imagination, Creativity and celebrate the festival of lights in true Spirit.

Girls decorated earthen diyas very enthusiastically and boys show their creativity in lantern making.

By drawing rangoli of different themes Girls had kept in mind regarding the current scenario of Corona so they had drawn traditional rangoli as well as theme rangoli of corona.

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