Hindi Bhasha Diwas Celebration 2019

IQAC and Hindi Bhasha Samiti celebrated Hindi Divas on Wednesday, 14th September 2019 in seminar hall.

Speaker Mrs. Pooja Tiwari addressed around 40 students about Hindi diwas. Hindi diwas celebrated the birthday of Beohar Rajendra Simha, who was an acclaimed Indian scholar. Mr. Simha played a crucial role in crusading for the adoption of Hindi as the official language.some major award got to Mr. Simha like rajbhasha,gaurav award,official language award,rajbhasha kriti puraskar are distributed on Hindi diwas.

The world Hindi diwas is celebrated on January 10th since 1975.Hindi diwas is celebrated almost like festival by the people who prefer and speak hindi and is a way to remind the youth about their roots. The history of Hindi is about 1000 year old. Some students recited poem and idioms.

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