Hindi Bhasha Diwas Celebration 2020

IQAC and Hindi Bhasha Samiti celebrated Hindi Diwas on Monday, 14th September 2020 due to pandemic session has conducted online platform at 11:00am onwards. The first hindi diwas was celebrated in the year 1953.the reason for celebrating hindi diwas is that on the day ‘A Noble and Famous Hindi literature Vyahar Rajendra Simha was born.

Speaker Mr.Monu Singh addressed around 20 students about Hindi Diwas. World Hindi Diwas is celedrated to promote the use and spread of the Hindi language in India and around the world. Hindi Diwas acknowledge the great efforts of stalwarts like Hazari Prasad Dwivedi,who sacrificed so much to make Hindi the official language.Hindi helped in blinding the country together as a strong federation. Hindi Diwas is significant as it marks the Indians struggle to speak their mother tongues.Every language is precious and must be conserved and protected

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