“Career Project ’ on Thursday, 11th February 2021”

IQAC and DLLE Unit arranged a survey on ‘Career Project ’ on Thursday, 11th February 2021 at00 am to 12.00 pm by online mode. DLLE Convener Asst Prof. Ankita S. Gawade and Asst.Prof Monali Patankar informed students about the Career Project. It’s like adding glitter to your resume. Employers love seeing practical experience. It’s tangible proof that you’re not just book-smart but can roll up your sleeves and get things done.It’s like trying on different hats. Career projects allow you to explore various industries and roles, helping you figure out what truly excites and motivates you.It’s like leveling up in a game. Successfully completing career projects boosts your confidence. You start believing in your capabilities and are more ready to take on professional challenges

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