Jain Mandal Celebrated Paryushan Parv 2019

IQAC and Jain Mandal celebrated Paryushan Parv Monday, 29th August 2019 in the seminar hall at 10.30 am onwards. Jain Mandal Convener Asst. Prof. Ankita S.Gawade and speaker Asst. Prof. Monali K. Patankar informed students about the about ParyushanParv.
One of the most important festivals of Jainism is Paryushana Parva, which is usually celebrated in August or September and by the Hindi calendar Bhadrapad month’s Shukla Paksha. The holy event lasts for eight days for Swetambara and 10 days for Digambara sect of Jains. While Digambaras refer to it as Das Lakshana Dharma, the Swetambaras called it Paryushana. The festival ends with the celebration of Samvatsari or Kshamavani.
The Paryushana festival for Swetambaras starts on August 26 this year, and will end on September 2, 2019. The festival, which comes under the monsoon period or ‘chaturmas’, ends with Bhadrapada shukla chaturthi. During this period, the Jains increase the level of their spiritual worship, by fasting and meditating.

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